Calling a Tax a Fee doesn't ease the pain of

Government Waste and Mismanagement

Next, while we were all asleep at the wheel, your MANDATORY trash pick up fees went up and service went way down.

I have more info upon request.

 Tuesday 1-25-17 Washoe County got an ear full from angry unincorporated residents: Prices way up, trucks refusing to take "extra" bags as had been done in the past, poor service, missed pick up (not weather related) broken promises. The plan seems to encourage desert dumping rather than pay sky high fees. Residents who attempt to mitigate the fire danger clearing brush face enormous fees to haul the stuff away, Those with horses complained of the cost. Leaving on the group creates many health concerns.

But if you read the Washoe Press Release, we all held hands and sang Kum-Ba-Ya. Not so. Look below at how they spin this ....


So the policy seems to have backfired. Much higher costs for those with acreage and horses. Less service. Long and unsuccessful phone waits and WM ignoring their written obligation for weekly pick up. More fire danger, more horse manure not picked up, more desert dumping. Thank you Washoe County!


If you have a complaint it is important to document it: Contact  all of the following:

Your County Commissioner, down south:  "Washoe BCC Bob Lucey" <>,

County Manager:

"Washoe Asst Mgr Schiller" <


   County Approves New Waste Management Agreement


    waste-management-single-stream Residents of unincorporated Washoe County will soon be getting new recycling bins. The Washoe Board of County Commissioners approved at its meeting today a new franchise agreement with the private company, Waste Management.

    The new contract means new services for residents of the county who are not currently being served under Reno or Sparks Waste Management agreements.

    Residents in portions of Washoe County will now get the same kinds of services that Reno and Sparks residents have, including free dump days at transfer stations and stickers for bags of excess waste.

    In addition, those still using green and yellow crates for recycling will transition next month to a single rolling bin for all recyclables.

    Waste Management said that the new wheeled carts are easier to move and that single stream recycling expands the types of materials that can be recycled while reducing items placed in the trash.

    These changes will also come with a fee increase depending on how many bins a residence uses and what types of services are required. Bear-proof bins will also be available in areas near bear habitat.

  Problems cited with the city of Reno’s agreement with Waste Management had some board members tepid about the new contract. They approved a review period of two years to potentially renegotiate provisions related to single-stream recycling.


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