Had Enough Yet?



Reno Tax Revolt is dedicated to acting as a watchdog over Reno-Washoe area government over-spending, waste, fraud and abuse.

Did you know:

Reno’s property taxes are the highest in the state and the last legislature tacked on more (SB207) for education.

Now the 2017 legislature gave new taxes including but not limited to AB 375 and AB 379 (removing the 3% property tax cap!)

Then we passed WC1 for building schools raising our sales tax to 8.26%, highest in the state!

Now we hear that the school experts “misinformed us” of the true costs to build schools. Off by millions and millions of dollars.

Reno taxpayers voted for more police (Safety 88) and Firefighters (R-3) but the money went to the general fund and the number of cops and fire fell, not increased.

Your gas taxes go up in Washoe every July, far beyond what we were told to expect. This makes Reno about 40 to 50 cents more than Fernley or Carson and no end in sight.

The gas tax applied too for gas taxpayers pay for police cars, school buses etc. All at your expense!

You pay taxes and fees to support so many local government and quasi-government agencies you maybe never knew about and no one watches: RSCVA, RTC, EDAWN, TRFP, Airport Authority, on and on…

Your taxes go to support a political advocacy group that (paid lobbyist) supported WC1, RTC 5 and other tax bills.

To get around the tax cap, Reno created special assessment districts. Not just downtown anymore. And they get special police protection the rest of us don’t- Have’s and have-nots! But we all pay for the cost of those from the district that are jailed & prosecuted.

Local government has and does financially support agencies that lobby for more taxes. Yes your tax dollars go to lobby for more taxes. Is that right?

The Reno-Washoe area has no watchdog or oversight.

With the ink not dry on the WC1 school money, the funds are already being diverted for unauthorized purposes. Promises make, promises broken. Administrator salaries and their personal cars- not repairs or construction! Inflated building costs…

We approved and pay sales tax for flood control but only for the Truckee River while the rest of us suffered extensive damage from creeks, canals and overbuilding. Now they want more even though their revenue has increased by many millions of dollars.

Your property taxes are slated to go up 3% next year! The legislature will be considering raising that too!

With the areas massive growth and booming economy, sales & property tax revenue automatically increase dramatically; they don’t need more.

The Commerce Tax applies to all of us, not the rich as claimed. Now all businesses have to file Nevada tax returns, even mom & pop folks with even one rental property! More forms for your tax preparer to do and charge you for (Form TXR-030.01, Form APP-01.01 and many others). Even if you owe no taxes you now must file! It’s the law! “Even if your business does not make $4,000,000 or is exempt from NV business license fees, it is still required to file the Commerce Tax Return. Independent contractors receiving form 1099-Misc are considered to be businesses.”

There are options but the special interests want to pass these burdens on the backs of low and working class citizens.

You can go on line and see how the special interests donate extensively to our elected officials. Do you think they are looking out for you?

IMPORTANT: Reno-Washoe has no group, non-profit or watchdog looking out for you. Until now! This site will be up soon so the citizens can see and understand the waste, fraud and abuse.

What can we do?

Speak up.

• Put fiscally conservative folks on boards and commissions- there are so many.

• Repeal and replace misused ballot measures.

• Community information campaigns.

• Your donations for printing, events and yes lawyers are needed.

• You can help with research, public speaking, contacting officials, get your kids involved, together we can do it!

• Lower your taxes!

• Litigation as a last resort, it works!