Summary of issues


Dear Voter/ Taxpayer:

So many issues to address with the Washoe County $chool District (WC$D) and reported $40 million deficit that was just sprung upon us. Even former trustee Rosenberg said he had no “inkling” of the shortfall. Why the deception by WCSD? Why did the public and board not know. Did Tracey Davis the superintendent know and when did she know it. When did COO Pete Etchart know and when? When did CFO Tom Ciesynski know and did he tell anyone while getting massive pay raises?

Why did Ciesynski receive pay raises of $57,000 over just 4 years as WC$D floundered?

Recent publications, the CAFR (audit) and the 2016 “Popular Annual Financial Report” all fail to identify this crisis that had to be apparent. No one can be that incompetent.

There seems a nexus between the alleged deception and the desire to pass WC1, a massive sales tax increase for building and repairs set to raise your taxes in April.

The budget for the WC1 money, contrary to promises made, includes money for administrator salaries and their cars. This appears to be a violation of law.

On March 24, 2017, I filed a legal action in the Nevada Supreme Court to overturn the judge’s ruling on WC1. That ruling was based on Washoe County’s violation of NRS 295.121. Additional litigation is anticipated on all the issues with the flawed ballot measure and subsequent violations.

Get involved, pass this on. Support the legal effort. Read below about the bloated salary and massive pay increases of the Chief Financial Officer that got us into this mess!

Please attend the WCSD Budget town hall April 6th at Wooster High School at 6 PM. Attend WCSD board meetings held some Tuesdays at 2 PM at the school district offices, next meeting April 11.


First and foremost, clean house: Superintendent Davis, COO Etchart and definitely CFO Tom Ciesynski must go! This is a no brainer.

Ask the District attorney to look into this to see if any criminal or other improper activity is involved.

An independent auditor needs to be hired to go through the books to look for waste, fraud and abuse.

Cut the bloated administration and cut administrator salaries.

Via a non-profit, create an independent fiscal watchdog, not a WCSD employee position.

Good people need to step up to the plate to run for the school board and the various committees especially the Oversight (OPSF) and Protection (CFPC) committees.

Support the WC1 legal action.


Jeff Church



“The District has maintained its favorable ratings from Moody’s Investor Service and Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services for prudent fiscal management. Moody’s has assigned an “Aa3” rating to WCSD, while Standard & Poor’s has assigned an “AA” long-term rating to WCSD, with stable outlooks from both. These rating firms complimented the District for its strong fiscal management and conservative budgeting practices.”

Media Release from WCSD 2016

“The new report demonstrates WCSD’s prudent fiscal policies ….”

2016 “Popular Annual Financial Report” bearing Superintendent Traci Davis signature.

Washoe County School District’s $30 million deficit could mean larger class sizes. Reno Gazette Journal, March 3, 2017

*The deficit was recently projected at $40 million with $10 million found thru alleged cost savings.


WCSD is accepting applications for their Oversight Panel for School Facilities and the Capitol Funding Protection Committees. Contact Dena Sonnenbery at WCSD, 775-348-0200.Due date is April 21.


 Also contact the board and support Jeff Church as a volunteer member.

As CFO of the Washoe County School District, Mr Ciesynski had the responsibility of keeping the Superintendent and Board appraised of the financial situation affecting the district including the alleged $40 million budget shortfall. By apparently not doing so he was awarded with massive salary and pay raises well above standard inflation or cost of living. Anybody see a conflict or issue here? From $150,922 to $207,896 in 4 years!

(Source: transparentnevada)

Thomas B Ciesynski EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Washoe County School District, 2016 $156,343.18 $207,896.01 (first figure is salary, 2nd is pay & benefits)

Thomas B Ciesynski CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Washoe County School District, 2015  $149,950.50     $198,419.57

THOMAS B CIESYNSKI CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Washoe County School District, 2014     $150,360.22      $197,724.70

CIESYNSKI, THOMAS B BUSINESS CHIEF FINANC OFFICER Washoe County School District, 2013 $129,016.33  $169,898.35

CIESYNSKI, THOMAS B BUSINESS CHIEF ACCOUNTANT Washoe County School District, 2012  $114,301.95   $150,922.48  

*The Washoe County Budget Director made far less: $148,922.41 in 2016!

Pay and benefit increase $56,976 over 4 years, Holy %$@! 4X the inflation rate even if WCSD was stable! Did he receive another raise in 2017?

Here is just another example, of many, on runaway salaries: The WCSD Police Chief (Trevino) with about 30 sworn officers makes more than the Sheriff, more than the much larger Clark County (Las Vegas) School Police Chief and more than the governor! Almost parity in pay with the Reno Chief.

Jason C Trevino Chief of Police WCSD, 2016: pay:  $132,502.63,     (Total p&b): $194,511.37

Brian Sandoval Governor State of Nevada, 2015        $154,899.23     Total:        $190,210.69

Jason D Soto (Acting) Chief of Police Reno, 2016    $142,022.40        Total:        $215,592.34

James R Ketsaa Chief of Police (Clark) CCSD, 2016, $125,356.08       Total:        $165,800.84

Charles G Allen, Sheriff, Washoe County, 2016    $133,988.16                           $198,504.37

*Disclaimer: Jeff Church is a concerned citizen exercising his right of free speech on a matter of extreme public concern. He is not an attorney nor a fiscal expert. He relied upon multiple sources- info on request. The reader should exercise their own due diligence in researching any of the matters covered herein.