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The RTC 5 Gas Tax Debacle

Been to Fernley or Carson lately? Bought gas? Noticed anything?

12-5-16: I paid $1.99 for regular gas in Fernley!!! On arrival in Reno the cheapest I saw it $2.53, a 54c difference for gas that comes from the Sparks tank farm.

July 2017: Reno gas tax went up again about 2 cents, gas in Fernley or Carson still 40 to 50 cents less!

Why the difference?

In 2008 voters approved an apparent never ending tax increase with little if any over sight.

RTC raised has taxes only in Washoe County. They- the government- predicted by 2016 the tax would rise 16 cents. Instead it has gone up 35 cents, a 3 cent increase over June 2015. That’s 32 cents per gallon! A $20 fill up costs you more than $10 over Lyon County! Even California is cheaper in parts! And no end in sight!

At this rate, that’s a 5 cent increase every two years. The construction companies raise their rates and you pay!  

Without any vote the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) raises your gas tax every July but not based on inflation as some deceitfully report but  "....Adjust the diesel and gas tax rates in Washoe County based upon the rate of street and highway construction inflation to recover lost purchasing power on our local, state and federal diesel and gas tax revenues."


“Based upon historic inflation rates of street and highway construction, this measure would increase the tax paid on a gallon of gasoline approximately 2 cents per gallon...  The inflation recovery taxes would remain in effect until such time as specific action is taken by the Washoe County Commission to amend or repeal them.”

Even our local government pays the tax so you pay for the extra costs for our police cars, school buses, fire trucks and all government gas costs!

What can be done? There is no local agency looking out for you. We need real oversight and accountability. It benefits the taxpayer to address this. The RTC operates with little oversight. “Someone” needs to look into this. But who is that someone?

When we think of the government we think Reno- Washoe etc, but under the radar the big taxers and costs  include such groups/ agencies as RTC, RSCVA, Airport Authority, TMWA, Edawn, etc….

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