$3 million for WCSD salaries and personal cars!

“… supplantation is not possible.”  Pete Etchart, WCSD

Jeff Church is a retired Lt Col from the USAF Reserve having served in Intelligence and a retired Reno Police Sergeant. He is the former board chair of a previous local homeless center. As part of his way of giving back, Jeff has been active in local issues especially public safety but also the WC1 massive sales tax increase.

By the sworn admission of the county registrar of voters, there were many irregularities in the ballot measure. We are a nation of laws and Jeff is addressing these issues. One issue is currently before the Nevada Supreme Court.

Sadly, Jeff predicted that the tax money would be misused and spent on supplanting salaries and other costs that the pro-side denied. Jeff takes no pleasure in saying “I told you so.”  

Sadly too are all those groups and political officials that supported WC1, turning a blind eye to run away and inappropriate spending rather than speaking out.

*Supplantation refers to supplanting or moving existing General Fund salaries to the new WC1 money.

1.WCSD sat on approved repair funding in spite of leaking roofs- apparently for political purposes. Remember that big rain storm just before the election and news coverage of those leaky roofs? They had the money “in the bank”. (see minutes or audio of December 2016 WCSD Oversight Committee)

2. In spite of promises made and predictions by the opposition, WCSD salaries are in fact being included and supplanted in the WC1 funding money. Salaries maybe to the tune of almost $3 million dollars! That frees up the General Fund money- as predicted- for pay raises! 2.8 million for salaries of project administrators and “support” as well as apparently $50,000 in personal cars for these administrators, all in contradiction of the promises made and ballot wording.

3. The district continues to grossly inflate and misinform the committee on the cost of building a school. If true, estimates of in spending proposals are sky high.

The Oversight Committee and the outgoing Board of Trustees approved a spending plan that included the supplanting of about $2.8 million for salaries of project administrators and support as well as apparently $50,000 in personal cars for these administrators. Such seems to violate he promises made (see below) as well as the intent and wording of the ballot measure, Ballot Explanation and NRS 387. These “Program Administration” and Const Mgmt Support” costs would seem to be General Fund Operating costs now being supplanted to WC1 funds as we predicted.

Their quotes, Promises made, promises broken:

“The money from this tax increase could only be used to repair schools and build new ones; it could not go to salaries, legal fees, or anything else." (Pete Etchart)

In response to arguments that funds might be used for salaries Pete counters: “By state law the district’s capital funds can only be used to build schools.” Sierra Sun Newspaper 10-21-16

Even the actual ballot measure stated:

 “… to fund only capital projects of Washoe County School District for the acquisition, construction, repair and renovation of school facilities?”


Washoe County School District COO Pete Etchart said. “The money from this tax increase could only be used to repair schools and build new ones, it could not go to salaries, legal fees, or anything else."

Directly from the official Washoe County Voter Guide: we predicted the money would be used to “…offset, augment or supplant …salaries…”

They said: “All funding generated by WC1 is legally required to address only school construction and repairs.” And “…only on construction and repairs and not on administrator salaries…”   


School funding: Washoe County Question 1. ...   WC-1   will raise about $780 million over the next nine years... no salaries, operating costs or ...

“By State law, the District’s capital funds can only be used to build schools and to repair and renovate existing schools. WCSD has no ability to supplant funds and divert current or future capital funding to non-capital needs. Since no general fund revenues are used in the capital funding program, supplantation is not possible.” Pete Etchart Sierra Sun editorial

FROM WCSD Powerpoint: General Fund: (Operating) • Used for the general operating expenses such as salaries and benefits, utilities, classroom supplies, simple maintenance and equipment.


"People are worried about accountability. What is the school board going to do with the money? … every penny in this tax increase will go to maintenance, repair and building of new schools," said Kazmierski. The sales tax will not be applied to groceries or medicine, and legally can only be used for capital needs of the district, no salaries, operating costs or programs.”

*These are just select examples; the list can go on and on.

Those officials, Mr Abney of The Chamber, Col Kazmierski of EDAWN, all you that spoke and debated, you elected officials: you have a special obligation to see that promises made are kept. Your credibility is at stake.

Citizens: Contact us to see how you can help.

Jeff Church

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Promises Broken

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