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The Reno Financial Advisory Board (FAB) meets monthly to review Reno's finances. They requested and were promised to review the labor contracts. Promises made and promises broken! The City's biggest expense is labor costs. The biggest personnel expense is public safety and per individual that's the IAFF fire contract! So Reno ignored the FAB giving them an inaccurate briefing as a non-action item, leaving them powerless. The contract went straight to city council with an 8% pay raise over 3 years on top of a big raise in 2015! Promises made, promises broken!

From the minutes"

"Robert Chisel indicated that the IAFF contract was coming forward for a three-year contract through 6/30/19. ...There was in increase for EMT incentives from 2% to 6% and a cap to shift trades. Since salaries have not been increased in a number of year, salaries under the new contract were increased 4% for year one with an additional 2% increase in years two and three. d) Update on annual risk assessments of City departments, activities and processes."


*Whether you call it a recovery or raise, their pay went up 5.87% in 2015-2016!

Then they got a flat $1,500 pay raise per person. (Called a clothing allowance). Thus salaries did in fact increase dramatically in 2015 and the spiral continues.

Then they claim they are paid lower than area firefighters: Absolutely not true when you add in OPEBs- post retirement healthcare or overall wages, just look at Transparent Nevada. Absolutely untrue! Most current RFD firefighters with partial lifetime healthcare rank at the top tier nationwide!

City of Reno and Reno Firefighters Association Come to Tentative Labor Deal

Posted: May 21, 2015 8:45 AM PDT

From the City of Reno

Reno, Nevada (May 21, 2015) — The City of Reno has announced a tentative labor agreement with the Reno Firefighters Association, also known as IAFF Local 731, according to Reno City Manager Andrew Clinger.

Of the 13.8% salary reduction implemented in the 2008 and 2011 contracts is a recovery of 5.87% in salary starting March 19, 2015.

      •    City of Reno firefighters are still making less than the average firefighter in Nevada in order to continue assisting the City with its overall financial stability.

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