AB375 has legs! It passed the Assembly and as of May 3 is on the way to passing the Senate. Unless amended it allows almost any variation of taxes or fees. It’s coming. It creates a stacked unelected committee and uses the word “Must” as addressed by Senator Ben Kieckhefer to impose taxes. Washoe residents have been tax tax taxed and fee fee fee’d enough. County residents should not pay for those that built in a flood plain and we already pay a sales tax for flood control.

As predicted the ink is not even dry on the new WC1 sales tax set to start in April 2017 making Washoe County the highest in the state at 8.26%, Now they want more!

Various bills in the legislature want new sales taxes. Beware of AB375. Cut & pasted from WC1 it would raise your taxes for “flood control” again.

Here are just some reasons to say no!

We already pay a 1/8c sales tax for flood control generating millions of dollars for flood control.

The flood control project and tax is believed to be limited to the Truckee River effects. It does nothing to help north valleys, those in south Reno flooded by the Steamboat ditch or other non- Truckee River areas!

We just passed a WC1 sales tax and that money and media reports already show that we were duped and mislead. Contrary to promises some WC1 money went to administrators and their cars. Other money for projects at extremely high costs above the western states average.

The money ends up going to salaries and pay raises!

History has shown that local government can’t be trusted to spend your tax money wisely.

When you have dedicated money (vs general fund) developers have no incentive to cut costs or low bid. They know the money is there for their taking.

We already pay high taxes both to the 1/8 sales tax and general fund to fund such projects. Washoe already receives millions in flood funding from the state and federal government.

Those people that knowingly built in flood plains have an obligation to mitigate the effects via so many options rather than another tax on the backs of taxpayers area wide. They can buy flood insurance, spend their money to make their property more flood resistant, and they can legally create a special assessment district and tax themselves rather than pass it on to all of us.

Increasing sales tax only in Washoe harms retailers and chases business to Fernley and Carson, especially on big ticket purchases. Buyers can save hundreds by buying a car in Lyon County rather than Washoe.

There will be plenty of more sales tax increase schemes to follow. It won’t end here. Pay attention to the big high dollar backers: politicians that get big donations and builders, unions and others that will personally profit at the expense of taxpayers.

The proposed tax may be illegal and represents and end around the Gibbons’ Tax Restraint Initiative, a voter-approved constitutional amendment that requires the support of two-thirds of lawmakers (or a majority vote of the people) on any bill that “creates, generates, or increases any public revenue.”    

Two main legal questions that could tie this up for years in litigation: (1) Does the legislature have the authority to ignore the Gibbons Tax Initiative and pass the issue on to the County Commission and voters of Washoe County? (2) Does the vote then require a 2/3s majority of Washoe voters?

No good reasons to say yes to more taxes and so many good reasons to say no!

Pass this on, contract your Nevada legislator and your local county commissioners. Do not support AB 375. Speak at County Commission and at the next flood control meeting set for April 14th. As of March, no hearing dates are set in the legislature. Someone with a fiscal background needs to look over the flood project books.  

Contact: RenoTaxRevolt.com for more info